7 jun. 2017

Os Mecos Hollejos, a godello from A Rua by José Luis Aristegui

Os Mecos wine by José Luís Aristegui, a very personal wine.

Name: Os Mecos Hollejos
Year 2015
Variety of grape: Godello
Aging: Fermented in stainless steel and three months in barrel with lees
Winery: José Luís Aristegui - Wine Producer
Graduation: 14.%
Consumption Temperature: 8ºC-10ºC
Denomination of Origin: No Denomination of Origin.
Region: The Street - Ourense
Price: 18-20 euros
Rating: 82
Value for money: Correct
Vintage Rating: Not Yet Rated

Slope or text of the back label:
No back label. Unique label with the drawing of two children shaking hands
Review the wine Os Mecos Hollejos by José Luís Aristegui, Wine Producer:
A curious case of this wine.
Without being protected in any appellation of origin, it is intended to make a wine like those before, a godello 100% fermented in stainless steel tanks and then transferred to barrels where they keep it for three months on their own lees.
Coming from a vineyard of a single plot and with a limited edition of 500 bottles, the wine Os Mecos de José Luís Aristegui intends to transfer the typical A Rua wine in Orense, as it was done before and experimenting with different materials, some pottery , Deposit, barrel ...
The result is a very personal wine that can taste or not, but that is different.
In our case we met him in a tasting where the best wines of Aristegui met and the opinions on this wine were quite diverse, from which he loved and reminded him of the wine of Orense throughout his life, to what seemed to him to be better. ..
The truth is this wine Os Mecos de Aristegui does not leave indifferent.
Only by this process of experimentation, by the limited circulation of 500 bottles, and by the return that pretends to give the old thing, if you can, you should try it ...
You will try a very personal wine and an experimentation of the winemaker José Luís Aristegui.
Then you choose ...