28 may. 2017

El Hombre Bala a red wine with denomination of Origin Vinos de Madrid

El Hombre Bala. DO Wines of Madrid.

The resurgence of wines with Denomination of Origin Wine of Madrid: El Hombre Bala

Name: El Hombre Bala
Year 2013
Variety of grapes: Garnacha
Aging: 10 months aging in French oak barrels
Winery: Comando G Wine growers with the collaboration of Uvas Felices S.L.
Graduation: 14.5%
Consumption Temperature: 15ºC-17ºC
Denomination of Origin: Wines of Madrid
Region: Cadalso de los Vidrios - Madrid
Price: 14-18 euros
Guest rating: 81
Value for money: Correct
Vintage Rating: Good
Slogan or text of the back label: 
El Hombre Bala 2013.
Garnacha of vines between 40 and 90 years old on a granitic soil in Cadalso de los Vidrios (Madrid).
Wines from Madrid D.O. Bottled for Uvas Felices S.L.

Opinion on the wine El Hobre Bala 2013 Wines from Madrid:
No doubt the first thing that calls you when you see this wine is its name and its presentation.
In bottle of burgundy and with a cheeky label where it shows a Man Bullet fired from a cannon.
After this presentation "different" is presented a wine of garnachas elaborated in the Sierra de Madrid.
If you know the Wines of Madrid, this is a clear exponent of the types of wines that are being elaborated in this area, perhaps a little lacking in body, but in line with what we have tried in the area.
In sight is not an excessively red wine, lack of color and intensity.
Its aromas are fresh ... floral, wild.
And in the mouth shows everything discussed above, softness and ease of drinking, but little body and little intense, correct taste.
In summary, we were a bit disappointed, we expected a bit more character and intensity in this El Hombre Bala.
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If you do not know the wines of this appellation of origin, you have to try them.
If you already know them ...
He has not brought us anything new.