19 may. 2017

Ebano Salvaje spanish wine from Ribera del Duero by Ebano wineries

Wild Ebano

 After Ebony and Ebony Crianza arrives Ebony Wild

Name: Ebano Salvaje
Year 2014
Variety of grapes: Tempranillo 
Aging: 15 months in French oak in barrels that are renewed every three years.
Winery: Ebano Viñedos y Bodegas SL
Graduation: 14.5%
Consumption Temperature: 16ºC-18ºC
Denomination of Origin: Castrillo de Duero Valladolid
Region: Valladolid Castilla y León
Price: 12-16 euros
Rating: 82
Value for money: Correct
Vintage Rating: Very Good

Slope or text of the back label:
Ebano Ribera del Duero Designation of Origin. Imagine something full of mystery, depth, something natural and inexplicable of a black color as intense as the darkest night.
A feeling, an essence, an extraordinary nature in the world.
You are about to begin a journey to the wild, to the magical, to the wild.
Let yourself go.
2014, Tempranillo (Tinto Fino).
Minimally elaborated from vineyards in glass of more than 65 years.
Wine from Spain.
Bottled by Ebano Viñedos y Bodegas SL Castrillo de Duero- Valladolid

Review the wine Ebano Salvaje de Ebano Bodegas y Viñedos SL:
We met this wine by chance ... we knew its two versions Ebano 6 and Ebano Crianza, which we already considered a good Ribera del Duero, but one day a well-known innkeeper of the locality acquired a box of this Wild Ebony.
Fans of new wines ... we fell into temptation and Wild Ebony happened to be another of our tried wines ... and they are going ...
Made with vines over 65 years old, with a very successful presentation and the adjective "Wild" presiding the bottle promised us to be before a superior wine.
But the result of the tasting was perhaps not the expected and for several of us, it remained below the breeding.
This is a good wine, but perhaps a bit rough and wild as its name suggests.
A small disappointment for a great idea and an attractive headline, it finally did not turn out to be an excellent wine as we thought.
We will give you a new chance to be possible, since by researching a little, it seems a wine difficult to get.
Ebano Salvaje
All a curiosity and a surprise this came Ebano Salvaje.