17 abr. 2017

Good pretty and cheap. Pouca Roupa Vinho Regional Alentejano

Pouca Roupa by Joao Portugal Ramos

Today we try a portuguese wine: Pouca Roupa, Vinho Regional Alentejano

Name: Pouca Roupa
Year 2015
Variety of grapes: Alicante Bouschet, Touriga Nacional, Alfrocheiro
Aging: from 18 to 20 months in bordeaux barrels of American and French oak.
Winery: João Portugal Ramos, Alentejo
Graduation: 14%
Consumption Temperature: 16ºC - 18ºC
Denomination of Origin: Alentejano Regional Wine
Region: Alentejo - Portugal
Price: 4-5 Euros
Score: 83 Points
Price Range: Very Good
Vintage Rating: -
Slope or text of the back label:
Pouca Roupa Vinho Regional Alentejano. Nome invulgar, utilizado em vários sentidos é tambén o nome do monte alentejano, onde está implantada a vinha que dá origem a este vinho.
As castas utilizadas sao Alicante Bouschet, Touriga Nacional e Alfrocheiro.
An unusual name for a wine, (it means few clothes or scantily dressed) having different meanings, but one of then is the name of the estate where the vineyards originating this wine are planted.
Little Clothing is made with Alicante Bouschet, Touriga Nacional and Alfrocheiro.

Opinion on the wine Little Clothes Regional Wine Alentejo:

In one of our frequent visits to the neighboring country of Portugal, we have had the pleasure to taste one of the wines that we have been recommended in a local of trust the Restaurant Foz do Minho de Camiña.
In this case the wine of the month was Pouca Ropa, an Alentejo wine with an exceptionally low price for a restaurant, a beautiful packaging and brand, and a quality more than remarkable.
Hence the three B's of our title ... you got it right, we meant the good, nice and cheap.
With a price of 8.50 euros in restaurant and about 4.50 in origin, Pouca is a wine with body and character, two things that we like and do not usually appreciate so potent in wines of these amounts.
Sabor a raudales and a souvenir in terms of salinity and taste the Alentejo wine.
Undoubtedly in this price range, one of the best Alentejo we have tried, correctly accompanied with a cod of the house, the result is as always ... very palatable.
We recommend it, without a doubt.
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A great wine with the three B's.

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