23 ene. 2017

Vega Sauco oak 2013. The Beybi. A whinte from Toro by Vega Sauco Wineries

Wines from Toro Spain

The wine from Toro according to Wenceslao Gil. Vega Sauco Roble 2013. The Beybi.

Name: Vega Sauco, El Beybi
Year 2013
Variety of grape: 100% Toro ink. (Tempranillo)
Aging: Breeding a minimum of 8 months in barrel 70% French oak and 30% American oak.
Winery: Bodegas Vega Sauco SL
Graduation: 14,5%
Consumption Temperature: 16ºC-18ºC
Denomination of Origin: Toro
Region: Morales de Toro, Zamora
Price: 6-7 euros.
Score: 81 points
Relationship Quality Price: Right
Qualification of the Toro 2013:
The 2013 vintage of the Appellation of Origin Toro has been described as "Very Good" by the regulatory council of said Denomination of Origin.
Slope or text of the back label:
Wences (Wenceslao Gil) owner and winemaker of Bodegas Vega Sauco "Since I came to Toro in 1979 I have worked so that my wines reflect the character of a variety, the bull's ink, a land, a climate and a few People, my ultimate goal is to make honest wines. "
The whole process of elaboration has been oriented to obtain the maximum extraction of color, of fruit (red fruits and fruits of the forest well ripe) and a structured, soft and velvety step of mouth.
It will evolve perfectly in the bottle the next few years.
Review from the wine Vega Sauco Roble 2013, El Beybi:
As passionate about the wines of Toro, I must admit that I did not know this Vega Saúco Roble 2013.
In a recent tasting that we celebrate a few friends periodically, I had the privilege of trying a couple of bottles of this Toro wine.
The Beybi is the wine of access to the range of Vega Sauco where you can also find Vega Sauco crianza (that denominates Selection), Vega Sauco reserve (denominated Adoremus) and Wences the wine of author of Vega Sauco.
As access wine, it is worth mentioning its aging of at least eight months in barrels and 5 in bottle, a long period for young wines like this.
In the mouth is a powerful wine, typical of Toro, although I miss something more soft.
The aging time has not managed to alleviate the power of the bull grape and is still a bit wild and wild wine.
Surely in the breeding and the reserve the conjugation of aromas and potency is great.
Its price is adjusted and correct as well as its value for money.
We were fortunate to taste it with a tapas dish, although perhaps where this wine is best moved is with a meat and some cheeses cured.
Of chateo and tapas perfectly fulfills its function.
Wines from TORO Spain
I've missed something ... something that will push me to try as soon as I can breeding and booking ...
Which promise to be excellent.
Yes, good value for money and correct wine, although we must realize that we are before the youngest wine and the highest circulation of this winery.
Ideal for a wine and accompanying tapas, or for a chat.