9 ene. 2017

Oscar Tobia Reserva. The Hungarian oak in an exceptional wine.

Oscar Tobía from Wineries Tobía SL. La Rioja

Oscar Tobía Reserva. 24 months in French and Hungarian oak casks. An special rioja wine.

Name: Oscar Tobía
Year 2011
Variety of grape: 93% Tempranillo 7% Graciano
Aging: Aging for 24 months in French and Hungarian oak barrels.
Winery: Bodegas Tobía SL
Graduation: 14,5%
Consumption Temperature: 16ºC-18ºC
Denomination of Origin: Rioja
Region: Cuzcurrita del Río Tirón - La Rioja
Price: 17-20 euros.
Rating: 85 points
Value for money: Excellent
Vintage Quality: Rioja's 2011 vintage has been rated "Excellent" by the regulatory council of the Denomination of Origin.
Slogan or text of the back label: "To the inherited tradition, we add the illusion for things well done to offer you a wine that is a witness of the good moments that life offers us"
"A Combination of family tradition and the drive for quality producers to wine that reflects the finer moments that life has to offer".
Review to the wine Oscar Tobía Reserva 2011 by Bodegas Tobía SL:
A few years ago we had the privilege of trying a Alma Tobía, a truly exceptional wine, author, which is only made in certain vintages ... and to this day sold out in the cellar.
Today we repeat with another wine from the same cellar, a step below Alma Tobía, but that overflows quality on all four sides and maintains the level of his older brother.
Oscar Tobía is a rioja who does not look like Rioja.
Its aging of 24 months in French and Hungarian oak gives it a taste and tastes it in a way, that makes the wine slide without the slightest shade of acidity, without an excessive touch of wood, with a softness and a character that It makes a unique wine.
The best we tried in Rioja lately.
Oscar Tobía From La Rioja. 
With clear reminiscences to his older brother with whom he shares his surname and named Alma.
Made with 93% tempranillo and 7% graciano and raised for 24 months in a Hungarian oak that we have just discovered, as an authentic elixir for the crianzas, by its narrow pore and its reduced contribution of wood, that makes one Good grapes bring out the totality of its flavor, power and complexity.
We loved it and we can not recommend this delicate Oscar Tobía.
The second great wine that we have occasion to taste Bodegas Tobías SL.
A pleasure.