31 dic. 2016

Figuero 12. A good spanish wine from Ribera del Duero

Figuero 12. Red Wine from Ribera del Duero. Spain.

Crianza 2013 with personality and temperance: Tinto Figuero 12. Ribera del Duero

Name: Figuero 12
Year 2013
Variety of grape: 100% Tempranillo
Aging: Breeding 12 months in American and French oak barrels
Winery: Viñedos y Bodegas García Figuero SL
Graduation: 14%
Consumption Temperature: 16ºC
Denomination of Origin: Ribera del Duero
Region: La Horra - Burgos - Castilla Leon
Price: 11-14 euros.
Rating: 83 points
Relationship Quality Price: Right
Slogan or text of the back label: Tinto Figuero 12. Produced and elaborated in the property Vineyards and Bodegas García Figuero Sl. 12 Months in American and French oak barrels. Crianza 2013. Ribera del Duero
Review wine Figuero 12, Crianza 2013 by Bodegas García Figuero SL:
Continuing with our passion for the Ribera, this week we had the opportunity to try this Figuero 12 of Bodegas García Figuero SL.
I must admit that it is a wine I did not know and it left a pleasant sensation.
Figuero 12, as they indicate in their name, is a breeding that is kept 12 months in barrel, in this case the barrels are new and blend of French and American oak, at 40% and 60% respectively.
Its clarification is made with egg white.
It has a marked personality, very ribera del Duero, very balanced and persistent in the mouth.
The aging has left its mark and is a wine with aromatic touches toasted, very rich and easy to drink.
Powerful but fresh, with character but with balance.
In our tasting we tried it in a chat room and maybe it could not show all its splendor as it could have done with a good meat.
It is a wine that I liked, although to find out its price (between 12-14 euros and in some places even more) has left me a little cold.
Red wine Figuero 12. Vineyards and Bodegas García Figuero
Its value for money is therefore correct.
I think it would be an excellent wine, among the best among the mid-range of the banks, but for this you would have to lower a step its price.
In its current situation and in that range there are already great wines comparable or that surpass him according to taste.
But none of this should cover that we are facing a great wine that deserves to be tasted calmly.