7 nov. 2016

Aragonia by Coto de Hayas. Campo de Borja becomes greater.

Aragonia By Coto de Hayas.

Grenache in its splendor: Aragonia Special Selection of Coto de Hayas. Campo de Borja.

Name: Aragonia Special Selection
Year 2012
Grape variety: Garnacha 100%
Ageing: 8 months in barrels of French and American oak.
Winery: Bodegas Aragonesas (Coto de Hayas)
Graduation: 14.5%
Serving temperature: 17ºC
Designation of Origin: Campo de Borja
Region: Ctra Magallon s / n Fuendejalón (Zaragoza) Aragon
Price: 16-17 euros.
Score: 84
Value for money: Very good
Slogan or text contraetiqueta: Aragonia, Campo de Borja Designation of Origin
View on Aragonia wine from Bodegas Aragonesas, Coto de Hayas and denomination of origin Campo de Borja:
It's been a couple of years we have been following and tasting the wines of Bodegas Aragonesas (Coto de Hayas), and each passing day, we put more of these wines among our favorites.
If your Centenaria Garnacha was delicious and a great value for money ...
and Fagus stood as one of the best wines we tasted for less than 25 euros,
This time we tried the medium of the house.
It is called Aragonia and is also superb.
Both price and quality is situated halfway between Grenache Centenaria and Fagus.
The awakening of Campo de Borja, a tiny appellation of origin in the region of Aragon, has been the awakening of grenache, treated as anyone for this winery wood and pampered until they become delicate and delicious delicacies.
A wine to be tested undoubtedly has a great value and is in the middle of the range of Bodegas Aragonesas.
Aragonia by Bodegas Aragonesas. Campo de Borja
Again you surprised by the wines of this area and this name, like this winery is becoming today one of our favorites.
Recommended test Aragonia. Definitely