27 sept. 2016

Victorino, the new superclass of the Eguren family in their new Toro winery: Teso la Monja

Victorino . Red Wine from Toro. By Teso La Monja

A tribute shaped wine: Victorino by Bodegas  Teso la Monja

Name: Victorino
Year 2013
Grape variety: Tinta de Toro 100%
Aging :16-18 months in new French oak barrels.
Winery: Bodega Teso la Monja
Graduation: 14.5%
Serving temperature: 15ºC - 17ºC
Denomination of Origin: DO Toro
Place: Valdefinjas- Zamora - Spain
Price: 34 € -40 €
Score: 86
Value for money: Good
Slogan or text: Victorino is a tribute to our grandfather, an indispensable querencia our ancestors to this land and its red grape of Toro. Exclusive personality that combines courage, harmony and balance
Review  Victorino wine from Bodegas Teso la Monja:
We met this wine in a corner of Galicia called Santa Comba, while we delighted with a tasting menu of the restaurant "Retiro da Costiña" one of the few "Michelin stars" of our country.
Victorino is one of the emblem wines from this winery, dedicated to the grandfather of the Eguren family who embarks on the adventure of founding a new winery in Toro, after the irrevocable sale of its former winery Numantia Thermes group of luxury goods Louis Vuitton for an amount of around 30 million euros.
Bodegas Teso la Monja founded in 2006 takes over in the designation of origin Toro for the Eguren family.
With a selling price of around 35-40 euros this is a great wine from Toro.
It is the medium between Toro wines sold by this winery:
* Romanico (8-9 euro bottle)
* Almirez (15-16 euros)
* Victorino (34-40 euros bottle)
* Alabaster (120-130 euros a bottle)
* Teso la Monja (990-1000 euros and the most expensive bottle wine from Spain currently)
With this presentation, we can only realize that we are facing a very careful wine, with great aging 18-20 months and worked with the quality of someone who, year after year, is producing wines that are among the best in Spain and the most highly valued internationally.
Powerful in the mouth as befits a great bull, balanced as few and with enviable persistence of flavor.
The occasion deserved, and were delighted with a great wine tasting.
Victorino Toro 2013 . Teso La Monja Winery. Eguren Family
Recommended, definitely.