10 ago. 2016

Kentia a great albariño we met in the Albariños Party 2016

The winery Lagar da Condesa Kentia presents a delicatessen albariño wine

Name: Kentia
Year: 2015
Grape variety: Albariño 100%
Aging: 4 months on lees in stainless steel
Winery: Lagar da Condesa
Graduation: 12.5%
Serving temperature: 9 ° C -11 ° C
Designation of Origin: Rias Baixas
Region: Arcos da Condesa, Caldas de Reis, Pontevedra
Price: 9€- 10€
Score: 85
Value for money: Very Good
Slogan or text contraetiqueta:
Prepared with the Albariño 100% mythical Galicia, very small grain and sweet, produced in vineyards sonbre sandy soils of granitic, resulting in a wine that in nose is very aromatic characteristic of the variety, with hints of herbs and fresh white fruit on the palate is unctuous and fresh, good acidity, elquilibrado and complex.
2015 Kentia opinion about the wine Bodegas Lagar da Condesa:
We met in the "Tunel viño do" of the recent Festa do Albariño 2016.
A wine produced by the winery Lagar da Condesa that is located in the town of Arcos da Condesa, in Caldas de Reis, a little north of the typical area of ​​albariño.
And the truth is that they have found the key, have been successful in drafting this albariño becoming one of the best we tested this year.
After a manual and selected vintage, cooled to 8 ° C before passing through the press.
Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks at a temperature of 15 ° C-16 ° C.
After fermentation remains on deposit on its lees a minimum of 4 months.
In our tasting we noted tremendously strong aromatic and fruity hints of apple.
Very structured and persistent while slightly citrus flavor.
We all agreed that we were facing one of the best albariños sample.