12 jul. 2016

CEO Godello de Monterrei by Alma Atlantica (Grupo Martin Codax)

CEO godello DO Monterrei and hand of Alma Atlantic (Martin Codax)

Name: CEO
Year: 2015
Grape variety: Godello
Ageing: No aging, young wine
Bodega: Alma Atlantic, Group Martin Codax
Graduation: 13%
Serving temperature: 9 ° C
Designation of Origin: Monterrei
Region: Monterrei - Ourense - Galicia
Price: 3.5- 4 €
Score: 81
Value for money: Right
Slogan or text :
Straw yellow with greenish reflections. high intensity, which include herbaceous notes (fennel, anise, etc) and white-fleshed fruit Pippin apple type. Quince has a bottom. Cool, wrap with a long aftertaste and citrus aftertaste.
Review wine CEO Godello DO Monterrei:
Curious this CEO godello DO Monterrei its history ...
In image much like Mara Martin del Alma Atlantic Group (Martin Codax) with which it shares label and design of it except the name.
In terms of production we have to go to the registration of producers 42455 OU to realize that it is produced by the winery Terras do Cigarrón for the Soul Atlantic group.
This is a step below its Mara Martin and a wine intended for large areas under godellos boom.
It can be found in Lidl at a price of around 4 euros, for the moment I have not located at other establishments or have found other information, so perhaps the case of a collaboration between Martin Codax (Atlantic Alma) and Lidl .
In fact we had to investigate health records to see that the producer is the winery Terras do Cigarrón.
In our tasting we felt weak and below the level it was at the Mara Martin, although it can also be for the add ...
But he has not convinced us, little persistence and appearance industrial wine.