24 jul. 2016

Ancora de Silleiro, From Cambados a albariño wine by Viña Sobreira

Ancora de Silleiro Spain Rias Baixas Albariño

Ancora Silleiro bottled by Viña Sobreira to Mercash Sar SLU

Name: Ancora de Silleiro
Year 2014
Grape variety: Albariño 100%
Aging: Without Aging
Winery: Viña Sobreira for Mercash Sar SLU
Graduation: 12%
Serving temperature: 9ºC 12ºC
Designation of Origin: Rias Baixas
Region: Castrelo- Cambados - Pontevedra
Price: 4- 5 €
Score: 81
Value for money: Right
Slogan or text contraetiqueta:
The fabulous potential of 100% Albariño has created this wine straw tone, yellow, with perfectly integrated aroma. Retronasal spacious and elegant with a long finish and some persistence.
Comments about Albariño wine Ancora Silleiro:
We met this wine in one of the usual tastings we make a group of friends.
The first thing that surprised us was his bottle with blue tones and its label highly decorated with marine motifs.
Curious, pretty amazing ... until some called it.
And it really is a wine with a careful presentation is surprising start.
pale yellow, aromatic, although mouth has not finished convince their lack of body and excessive softness.
Little persistence of its taste and palate just right, despite being very cold.
After this first impression of the tasting, we delve more and we realize that it is a wine made for Mercash cosechero Sar SLU (Vego Supermercados Group) and according to the health record we see that it is produced by the winery of albariño Viña Sobreira.
Rias Baixas, Galicia . Albariño 100%. Cambados
We are therefore faced with a commercial wine for sale in supermarkets ... and what could have been a great idea, a great presentation, it has been in a wine just right, although very well presented.