18 may. 2016

A White wine from Portugal.DOC Vinho Verde 2013 Adega Ponte de Lima

White wine from Portugal. Adega Ponte de Lima

Since the Portuguese wine culture, comes this Adega Ponte de Lima white wine

Name: Ponte de Lima
Year 2013
Grape varieties: Arinto, Loureiro, Trajadura and other
Aging: Without Aging
Winery: Adega Ponte de Lima
Graduation: 10.5%
Serving temperature: 8 ° C-10 ° C
Appellation: Vinho Verde
Region: Ponte de Lima. Portugal
Price: € 3-3.50
Score: 76
Value for money: Right
Review Vinho Verde 2013 by Adega Ponte de Lima:
It was a hot May afternoon and we were visiting for the first time this Portuguese town of Ponte de Lima.
In the crowded terraces, many people consumed this green vinho this local winery, for this reason we encourage you to try.
It tastes like a young table wine, a wine that must be chilled to accompany pinchos or tapas.
Freshness somehow camouflages its acidity is quite high, and the truth is that on a hot afternoon like this, goes well.
Its price is around three euros per bottle which make it suitable for money.
Very typical in northern Portugal and established many years ago by local religious orders.
Ponte de Lima white wine. A Curiosity from Portugal
A curiosity that is necessary to taste in a trip to the neighboring country.