6 abr. 2016

The explosion of the Galician sparkling wines of the Rias Baixas. Mar de Frades Brut Nature

Mar de Frades Brut Nature. Rias Baixas Sparkling wine

A Galician sparkling wine and quality:
Mar de Frades Brut Nature

Name: Mar de Frades Brut Nature
Year 2014
Grape Variety: 100% Albariño
Ageing: Method Champenoise
Bodega: Bodega Mar de Frades
Graduation: 12%
Serving temperature: 6 ° C-8 ° C
Designation of Origin: Rias Baixas
Region: Rias Baixas, Pontevedra - Galicia
Price: 14-16 €
Score: 84
Value for money: Very Good
View on sparkling wine Mar de Frades Brut Nature:
So we could call the bet that the winery Mar de Frades (acquired by Ramon Bilbao Rioja) just five years ago.
This is the first sparkling Albariño, the pioneer of a new generation prepared using the champenoise method and under the appellation of origin Rias Baixas.
With a very careful image and a bottle noted for its blue color, a small treasure made in Galicia and compete with the world's best sparkling wine is bottled.
They have done years of research needed to achieve a "quality sparkling wine" as they themselves call it.
Its production at the moment is very limited and it shows in the price is slightly higher. We have found bottles between 14 and 20 euros, which is why it is good to look good where you buy. Is expected to add on these prices are lower and ...
The nose is fresh and very aromatic, the albariño with which produces shows its best virtues and appreciated smartly.
A quality galician sparkling wine. Mar de Frades Brut Nature
The palate is a sparkling wine with lingering taste, at or above surely, many Catalan cava and some other French.
The best for snacks or to accompany fish dishes and seafood.
Excellent. Gotta try it ...