17 abr. 2016

Fragancia Nº9 Syrah Rose . Finca Constancia. A wine or a parfum

Fragantia nº9. Toledo. Finca Constancia

A wine with the name of a perfume. Fragantia nº9. Finca Constancia

Name: Fragantia nº9
Year 2013
Grape variety: Syrah Rosé
Breeding: Without Breeding
Bodega: Bodega Finca Constancia (Gonzalez Byass Group)
Graduation: 9.5%
Serving temperature: 6 ° C-8 ° C
Designation of Origin: No Designation of Origin
Region: Toledo
Price: 6-7 €
Score: 82
Value for money: Right
Comments about wine Finca Constancia Fragantia nº9:
We are facing a pink wine made from the syrah variety that is frankly curious.
Harvested night way to keep the grapes as fresh as possible.
They are kept in cold 5 ° C for five hours and a smooth extraction is done with the idea of ​​extracting only the must flower.
It is kept at 0 ° C until bottling to preserve all natural carbonic fermentation.
The result is a soft, fresh and exceptionally fruity rose wine that goes with salads, sushi and rice and is a refreshing alternative to a conventional wine, now that the summer months approach.
Chilled (6-8 ° C) is fresh and light, very perfectly balanced, and according to the winery says, "so subtle that looks like a fragrance," hence the name.
Its alcohol content is slightly lower than that of a conventional wine. (9%)
Its price is between 6-7 euros and their value is adequate.
Gonzalez Byass. Fragantia nº9. Syrah
Recommended prove it, though it might not appeal to everyone, especially to those who love intense wines, but may have many followers among them ... (at least that happened in our tasting).
A greeting.