11 mar. 2016

White wine Win 5.0 Verdejo Frizzante by Matarromera

Win 5.0 Verdejo Frizzante

Win 5.0 one Frizzante Wine, fresh, fruity and light.
By Matarromera

Name: Win 5.0 Verdejo Frizzante
Year: Wine of the Year
Grape variety: 90% Verdejo, 10% Sauvignon Blanc
Aging: Without Aging
Bodega: Matarromera
Graduation: 5%
Designation of Origin: No Designation of Origin
Region: Villalba de Adaja - Valladolid - Castilla  Leon- Spain
Price: 5-6 €
Score: 82
Value for money: Right
Win 5.0 Verdejo Frizzante opinion Matarromera:
Win 5.0 Verdejo Frizzante has been an idea of ​​Matarromera Group launched throughout 2004 to complement its wine offering.
With this wine was intended to please palates that she liked the soft and fresh wines with a reduced alcohol content.
The base of it is the Verdejo grapes with a small addition of sauvignon blanc.
Made in the Rueda region, but not rely on the designation of origin.
For processing the must is kept at very low temperatures and allowed to ferment only until the wine reaches the 5th of alcohol and CO2 from the fermentation itself is maintained.
In this way the freshness is maintained and the light touch acid Verdejo, along with countless fruit flavors and sweetness of unfermented sugar.
The palate is powerful and very persistent flavor, very citrusy and very durable finish.
Win 5.0 Verdejo Frizzante by Grupo Matarromera
Ideal for a niche among a young, female audience.
Surprising and curious.
A must try