25 feb. 2016

When we speak of sparkling wines , we talk about Peñascal. Spanish sparkling wine.

Peñascal Sparkling wine

Peñascal, a classic sparkling spanish wine

Name: Peñascal, sparkling rose wine
Year: ? Forgotten bottle
Grape variety: Tempranillo and Garnacha
Aging: Without Aging
Bodega: Bodegas Peñascal. Hijos de Antonio Barcelo SA
Content: 12%
Serving temperature: 6 ° C-8 ° C ACCORDING cellar.
Appellation: Wines of Castilla y León
Region: Laguna de Duero - Valladolid
Price: 3-4 €
Score: 80
Value for money: Right
Review Peñascal sparkling wine rose from Bodegas Peñascal: 
It was the first sparkling wine I tried many years ago.
Recently His image has received a makeover and add the current no longer corresponds to That of the photos Contained In This was particularly bottles One of Those That are anchored by the winery and Sometimes take the opportunity to taste.
Bodegas Peñascal is a century-old winery (1876) and the needle Peñascal Rosado is a wine of the pioneers in esta segment.
Very fruity and a very clear and bright pink color.
wild flavors and a slightly sweet fruit of unfermented sugars.
We are facing a sparkling wine (needle) to be taken chilled and goes well Pasta dishes and fish hors d'oeuvres and white meats.
Back label bottle of Peñascal
Recommended Peñascal test? Of course, it is the pioneer in this type of wine, it is a curious wine and deserves to be tested.
Quality right price.