9 feb. 2016

A Great Toro Wine 24 Mozas. Wineries Divina Proporcion.

24 Mozas . Wineries Divina Proporcion  Toro Spain

From Toro,Zamora, Spain an intense wine, rich and tasty 

24 Mozas

Name: 24 Mozas
Year 2013
Grape Variety: 100% Tinta de Toro
Ageing: 6 months in barrels of French and American oak.
Winery:  Divine Proporcion
Graduation: 14.5%
Serving temperature: 17ºC
Denomination of Origin: DO Toro
Region: Toro - Zamora  Spain
Price: 8-9 €
Score: 83
Value for money: Good
Review 24 Mozas Divina Proporcion wineries:
We tried this wine on a recent visit we make to Zamora and Toro.
Divine Proportion Bodega knew because I tasted some of their wines (Abracadabra, my mother, Encomienda de la Vega).
For this reason, some bottles of 24 Mozas made us the return trip home.
The first thing striking about this wine is its careful presentation and image.
From the box of six bottles that turns out to be very nice to their labels and packaging they are very original and break the everyday.
As for the tasting of 24 girls, this is a typical wine from Toro, strong and with character.
Toro grape and flavors at its best hard and temperament, intense color and flavor persistence.
Excellent example of the new breed of Toro wines, rich and tasty, while maintaining the consistency and power.
Recommended test it, like several of his fellow wine such as those mentioned earlier:
Divina Proporción Toro Spain   -    24 Mozas
Madre Mía
Encomienda de la Vega
24 Mozas
Undoubtedly, great wines.