8 ene. 2016

Darimus a wine from Cartagena-Murcia. Land Wine of Campo de Cartagena

Darimus Syrah-Merlot Fermented in barrel

A red wine produced on the shores of Mar Menor. Darimus. Land Wine Campo de Cartagena.

Name: Darimus, fermented in barrel
Year 2011
Grape variety: 50% Syrah, Merlot 50%
Ageing: 4 months in new American oak barrels (25%), French Allier (50%) and French oak Limousine (25%).
Winery: Bodegas Serrano
Graduation: 14%
Temperature: 16 ° C-18 ° C
Designation of Origin: Wine of the land Campo de Cartagena
Region: Pozoestrecho - Cartagena Murcia
Price: 4 € -6 €
Score: 80
Value for money: Regular
Review Darimus merlot syrah fermented in barrel:
The first thing to note when we tried this wine is that this is a different wine and a different and largely unknown denomination.
(Land Wine Campo de Cartagena), developed on the shores of Murcia's Mar Menor.
As curious about this wine is that this is the earliest harvest in all the Spanish geography.
The harvest begins in July ... unthinkable in other denominations.
As for taste, Darimus is a powerful wine with a strong alcohol content that can be seen when tested.
It has character and very light aroma of roasted fruit of his upbringing.
Lingering taste but lacks structure and high alcohol sins little disguise.
Label Darimus Campo de Cartagena
A curiosity and an alternative wine and how it must try.