9 oct. 2015

Young, attractive and delicious. Vis a Vis by Bodegas El Inicio

Vis a Vis by Bodegas el Inicio

White Wine "Frizzante" made from Verdejo 100%
Winery El Inicio- Peñafiel-Valladolid

Name: Vis a Vis
Year : 2014
Grape Variety: Verdejo 100%
Ageing: No aging
Winery: Bodegas El Inicio SL
Graduation: 6%
Appellation: No
Region: Castilla y Leon (Valladolid)
Price: 7- 8 euros
Score: 83 points.
Value for money: Good
Review Vis a Vis by Bodegas El Inicio:
While surprisingly delicious.
This is the best definition I can give this "grape must in fermentation" and can be read as a pretty bottle.
We must recognize that we are not specialists in this type of wine, and his appearance was a pleasant surprise.
We also tasted cold (recommended around 4ºC) and freshness, easy to drink, and fine bubbles convinced us.
Slightly sweet (but not excessively) with a graduation and a very restrained fruit and herbal flavors very present throughout the drink.
Go if you enjoy the appetizer tasting this wine
Vis a Vis bottle. Verdejo 100%. Frizz

Pleasantly surprised ...
Thoroughly recommended.