5 oct. 2015

From the winemakers of Mauro... Prima a red wine from Toro

Label Fron Prima by Bodegas y Viñedos Maurodos

Prima a good wine from Toro.

Winery Maurodos SA

Name: Prima
Year: 2011
Grape variety: Tinta de Toro 90%, Grenache 10%
Ageing: aging in French and American oak for 14 months
Winery: Bodegas Maurodos SA
Graduation: 14.5%
Denomination of Origin: DO Toro
Region: Castilla y Leon (Valladolid)
Price: 10- 11 euros
Score: 83 points.
Value for money: Good
Review Prima wine by Maurodos:
If there is a well-known and highly valued wine in Castilla Leon and the rest of Spain is the well-known Mauro.
Bodegas Mauro made his foray into the land of DO Toro by a winery called Bodegas Maurodos SA.
In this new winery produced two wines based on the variety of red grape from Toro: San Roman and Prima.
Premium wine that concerns us today is a blend of 90% Tinta de Toro and 10% Grenache.
As good Toro, is a potent and tasty wine.
The range of access to Bodegas Mauro in the DO Toro.
Delicious and, of course, recommended.
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