23 oct. 2015

From Extremadura - Spain, Wineries Habla presents Habla de la Tierra

Label Bodegas Habla. Habla de la Tierra

HABLA DE LA TIERRA of wine as like in Extremadura

Name: Habla de la Tierra
Year 2013
Grape variety: 50% Tempranillo and 50% Cabernet Sauvignon
Ageing: 4 months aging in French oak barrels.
Winery: Bodegas Habla
Graduation: 13.5 %%
Appellation: Vinos de la Tierra de Extremadura
Region: Extremadura
Price: 5.50 - 6 euros
Score: 81 points.
Value for money: Good
Review Habla de la Tierra by Bodegas Habla:
We are in the range of Bodegas Habla access.
Habla de la Tierra is a good wine from Extremadura.
It is made in a very poor fertile land and low production of grapes per hectare.
Up to 25% of the grapes harvested are discarded in a manual review grape grapes.
The result is an intensely powerful wine, with lots of colour.
It made less foster more and better structure, but we must remember that it is a young and relatively inexpensive wine.
It has character.
Although we tend recommend, if possible, to go a step further, he speaks of Silence, the next evolutionary step in the cellar and we will discuss another time.
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