24 sept. 2015

Rectoral de Amandi, Mencía DO Ribeira Sacra. Sober, Lugo.

Bottle Rectoral de Amandi Colleita Seleccionada

Heroic viticulture in the Canyons of the Sil.
Selected Rectoral de Amandi

Name: Rectoral de Amandi
Year: 2010
Grape variety: 100% Mencia
Ageing: No aging
Winery: Bodegas Rectoral de Amandi
Graduation: 12.5%
Designation of Origin: Ribeira Sacra (Sober)
Region: Galicia
Price:  4,50-6 euros
Score: 83 points.
Value for money: Good
Review Rectoral de Amandi Colleita Selecionada 2010 :
The first thing we have to realize when we tried this wine, is that this is a different wine, and especially a different denomination of origin.
The Ribeira Sacra viticulture is called "heroic viticulture" by the complexity of its vintage on the margins of the River Sil canyons.
Told this, the wine may like it or not, but you are before a special wine made with high effort and following an ancient tradition.
And it really is good, much appreciated in Galicia despite being one of the trademarks of this OJ.

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