22 sept. 2015

Attelea by Bodegas Ruiz Torres. Ribera del Guadiana crianza 2010

Attelea by Bodegas Ruiz Torres Crianza 2010
Ribera del Guadiana

Attelea from Extremadura. A wine with character.

Name: Attelea
Year: 2010
Grape variety: Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon
Aging: Aging 8 months in new oak barrels in a cellar 8 meters deep.
Winery: Bodegas Ruiz Torres SA
Graduation: 13.8%
Denomination of Origin: DO Ribera del Guadiana
Region: Extremadura
Price: 11- 12 euros
Score: 83 points.
Value for money: Good
Review Attelea Crianza 2010 Bodegas Ruiz Torres:
We have been pleasantly surprised by this wine.
We had the pleasure of meeting this summer in a wonderful terrace on the Plaza Mayor of Cáceres accompanying a great roast leg of lamb.
Very aromatic and character, tasty and full bodied.
Great pairing with meat from the land of Extremadura.
Strongly recommended test.
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