12 jul. 2015

Cojón de Gato. Somontano.

Label Cojón de Gato. Somontano.

A somontano with objectionable name.
Cojón de Gato.

Name: Cojón de Gato
Year :  2013
Grape variety:  Syrah, Merlot and Cojón de Gato.
Ageing: 3 months in French oak barrels.
Winery: Bodegas Lamarca Wines
Graduation: 13.5%
Appellation: Somontano
Price: 8-9 euros
Score: 83 points.
Value for money: Right
Review wine Cojón de Gato:
Curious while striking wine.
The first time we tried we did so curious name.
We then had the pleasure of tasting it some other time.
It is quite correct Somontano character and flavor.
Ideal for a steak dinner. Recommended.
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