19 jun. 2015

Torremorón. Ribera del Duero. Great value for money.

Label Torremorón Tempranillo. 

Young Red Torremorón.
Torremorón wineries. Burgos.

Name: Torremorón Tempranillo
Year:  2013
Grape variety: 100% Tempranillo
Ageing: No
Winery: Bodegas Torremorón SL
Graduation: 13.5%
Denomination of Origin: Ribera del Duero
Price: 3-4 euros
Score: 81 points.
Value for money: Good. (Good price)
Young red wine Torremorón review: We are facing a wine harvest with good taste and a very attractive price.
To chat or to accompany tapas complies perfectly.
Good value for its price very content.
Torremorón Ribera del Duero . Tinto Joven