17 jun. 2015

El Figura. Rioja.Winery Antídoto Siete Pasos

Label El Figura rioja de Siete Pasos

The figure. An irreverent rioja.
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Name: El Figura
Year 2013
Grape variety: Tempranillo and Garnacha
Ageing: No
Winery: Siete Pasos The Wine Company
Graduation: 13.5%
Denomination of Origin: DO Rioja
Price: 3-4 euros
Score: 78 points.
Value for money: Moderate
The Review of wine El Figura by Winery Siete Pasos: Excentric portrayal of a young rioja. Very flowery and daring as to label and presentation. Regular as to Rioja wine. A young chat. Unpretentious.

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