18 jun. 2017

Honoro Vera Organic, Bodegas Juan Gil bring us their organic wine with DO Jumilla

Honoro Vera Ecological

Grupo Juan Gil and its ecological wine: Honoro Vera Ecological. 

Name: Honoro Vera
Year 2015
Variety of grapes: Monastrell
Aging: Without Aging
Winery: Bodegas Juan Gil SL
Graduation: 14.5%
Consumption Temperature: 15ºC
Denomination of Origin: Jumilla
Region: Paraje de la Aragona - Jumilla - Murcia
Price: 5-6 euros
Rating: 82
Value for money: Correct
Vintage Rating: Not Rated
Slope or text of the back label:
Organic red wine.
This wine has been made with monastrell grapes from vineyards with certified organic farming.
Review to the wine Honoro Vera Ecológico del Bodegas Juan Gil:
We had tried the Honoro Vera in previous vintages, but we had never tried its green version.
On this occasion we accompanied him with a few tapas of meat and perfectly fulfilled his mission ... although he left us in some aspects a little wanting more.
We are facing a good ecological wine, but lack something more body and personality.
Before the progression of the denomination of origin Jumilla, where ever more wines of higher quality, power and projection are being made, this Honoro Vera has left us a little bland.
For us the group Juan Gil is a synonym for quality in its wines.
Starting from this concept, Honoro Vera ecological is not a bad wine, although if of the loose ones of the group, personally it would equal it to certain wines of chateo, wines to drink without complexes, with some tapas or similar.
Honoro Vera Organic wine
On the other hand we have to remember that we are before a wine of 4-6 euros per bottle and that we are in the low range of their wineries, at this point and taking this into account, we are facing a correct wine, which is to drink Without comparing with his older brothers.
Organic young monastrell grape and without aging that gives rise to a young wine fruity and correct.

12 jun. 2017

Traslascuestas Crianza by Carlos Bujanda Fdez by Pierola

Traslascuestas Crianza by Carlos Bujanda Fdez by Pierola

Bodegas Traslascuestas presents Traslascuestas Crianza, a ribera del Duero wine

Name: Traslascuestas
Year 2014
Variety of grape: Country ink (tempranillo)
Aging: 16 months in oak barrels
Winery: Bodegas Traslascuestas SL
Graduation: 14.%
Consumption Temperature: 16ºC-18ºC
Denomination of Origin: Ribera del Duero
Region: Valcavado de Roa - Pedrosa de Duero - Burgos - Castile and León - Spain
Price: 12-14 euros
Rating: 82
Value for money: Correct
Vintage Rating: Very Good
Slogan or text of the back label: Traslascuestas of Carlos Bujanda Fdez de Pierola.
Breeding. Ribera del Duero denomination of origin.
Manufactured and bottled by Bodegas Traslascuestas SL

Wine review Traslascuestas Crianza 2014:
It was one of the last banks of the Douro we tried.
At the time we had already tried the Traslascuestas Roble that had left us a little indifferent.
In the case of this Crilas Traslascuestas there is a relative improvement, although we still lack something.
Despite the 16 months that the wine has passed in a barrel and despite the fact that the vintage of 2014 was considered very good ... but still missing something.
Perhaps it is something more of character, a little more flavor ... we are before a mid-range wine with an approximate price of 13 euros and a stay in long barrel, which we really do not appreciate in the glass.
And we are not before a bad wine, nor much less, is a clear exponent of the Ribera of the zone of Burgos, correct and well done, but that has given us the impression that could have arrived to much more.
Traslascuestas Crianza by Carlos Bujanda Fdez by Pierola
Aromatic in the nose, cherry color in glass and persistent in the mouth.
(We will try to try a new bottle because it looks like something else.)

7 jun. 2017

Os Mecos Hollejos, a godello from A Rua by José Luis Aristegui

Os Mecos wine by José Luís Aristegui, a very personal wine.

Name: Os Mecos Hollejos
Year 2015
Variety of grape: Godello
Aging: Fermented in stainless steel and three months in barrel with lees
Winery: José Luís Aristegui - Wine Producer
Graduation: 14.%
Consumption Temperature: 8ºC-10ºC
Denomination of Origin: No Denomination of Origin.
Region: The Street - Ourense
Price: 18-20 euros
Rating: 82
Value for money: Correct
Vintage Rating: Not Yet Rated

Slope or text of the back label:
No back label. Unique label with the drawing of two children shaking hands
Review the wine Os Mecos Hollejos by José Luís Aristegui, Wine Producer:
A curious case of this wine.
Without being protected in any appellation of origin, it is intended to make a wine like those before, a godello 100% fermented in stainless steel tanks and then transferred to barrels where they keep it for three months on their own lees.
Coming from a vineyard of a single plot and with a limited edition of 500 bottles, the wine Os Mecos de José Luís Aristegui intends to transfer the typical A Rua wine in Orense, as it was done before and experimenting with different materials, some pottery , Deposit, barrel ...
The result is a very personal wine that can taste or not, but that is different.
In our case we met him in a tasting where the best wines of Aristegui met and the opinions on this wine were quite diverse, from which he loved and reminded him of the wine of Orense throughout his life, to what seemed to him to be better. ..
The truth is this wine Os Mecos de Aristegui does not leave indifferent.
Only by this process of experimentation, by the limited circulation of 500 bottles, and by the return that pretends to give the old thing, if you can, you should try it ...
You will try a very personal wine and an experimentation of the winemaker José Luís Aristegui.
Then you choose ...